Lean & Mean: Share the Knowledge

October 18, 2019

“It takes a village…”Most of the best nutrition tips I have aren’t original ideas, they’re strategies 212ers have shared with me over the years in our strength & conditioning classes. Harness the power of your Salt Lake City fitness “village” -- your fellow classmates ---and share some strategies. Remembers, this is a class challenge! Here are a few of my favorite tips you’ve shared with me over the years:Struggle with snacking? Don’t have treats in the house. I.E., go out and buy an ice cream cone instead of having a half gallon in the freezer.Parties a problem? Don’t be “that guy”. Enjoy the food that’s there, but take smaller portions and eat slow. Sometimes people will sabotage your efforts because they feel bad about their diet. No one’s keeping track of how much is on your plate, but people will give you crap if you don’t have any food on your plate.Only one in your house trying to eat healthy? You’re going to have a hard time succeeding on your own. Let your family/significant other/friends know why this is important to you, ask for help, and see if there are reasons they’d like to eat healthier along with you.