Workouts 10.21 - 10.25

October 18, 2019


StrengthSets/Reps%restPistol Squats10,10,Max-Band ISO 1/2 Squat3x:20/:10/:20-ConditioningSets/Reps%rest30 YD Sled Push15 KBS:30 Work, :60 Rotate w/ run to 3300 S OR 30 Mtn Climbers, 5 Rounds


StrengthSets/Reps%restA-Chin Ups3x8-B- Incline DB Bench Press3x8-B- DB Reverse Fly3x12:30C- SA DB Row from Box3x8/8-C- Russian Twists3x10/10:30ATHLETE CHOICE-Guns or CalvesD- BB Curls3x15-D- DB Skull Crushers3x15:30ORD- BB Calf Raise3x15:60


StrengthSets/Reps%restBB Bridge10,10, Max-Band Pull Aparts3x15:30Compound ConditioningSets/Reps%restDB Split SquatsLandmine Push PressMB Slams (MB Deadlift)21-15-9StrengthSets/Reps%restSA Farmer Carry3x50/50:30


StrengthSets/Reps%restSS- Landmine Row3x8/8-SS- SL Hip Thrust3x10/10:30ConditioningSets/Reps%restHeavy Bag CrossesBattle Rope Slams and WavesSledgehammersMB Toss:45 Work, :15 Rest, 4 Rounds, :90 Rotate


StrengthSets/Reps%restBB Floor Press10,10, Max-Lateral Hop w/ Stick OR SL Holds3x5/5 OR 3x:30:30ConditioningSets/Reps%restAssault BikeC2 Row:60 Work, :80 Rest, 5 Rounds, :90 RotateTRACK CAL AND METERS