My first day at the gym...I was anxious and nervous and excited all at the same time. Never been a huge fan of the "gym" environment.

However, almost immediately I found that 212 was different and the community of people working out here were there for the same goals/reasons I was hoping to accomplish. The first week was tough but Josiah modified my personal work out to the gym work out so that I could acclimate my body to get use to my new routine. I've come from an active background and I've been a landscaper for 26 years. Hiking, biking, motocross, soccer have always been part of my world and I was under the impression that I was fit. I quickly found out that was not the case and I needed to make some changes. The changes that I wasn't aware of were mental changes as well as dietary ones. I needed a new mindset! I met with Josiah and he formulated a diet plan and a workout schedule for me to follow. A little overwhelming but realistic. And realistic goals for me are attainable. He asked me what I was comfortable with and always wanted my input as far as what I could and what I wanted to accomplish. We met weekly initially and then biweekly- I always look forward to his feedback, It's always on point and he has a very powerful way of motivating me personally and keeping me accountable. Josiah and 212 have changed my life and I don't believe I'll ever go back to where I was. I've struggled with anxiety my entire life and having this available to me is a game changer. I'll keep striving for a stronger mind, body, diet, and an all-around more positive outlook on life! I'll be forever thankful I ended up at 212 with this amazing community!

- Casey

"I started working out at 212 during their very first High School class! I remember seeing significant differences in the way I could move during volleyball matches, but also in the way I felt day to day.

This is definitely what kept me coming back. Josiah and all of the coaches throughout the years have been really mindful about connecting movements that I/we make outside of the gym, with the ones we make inside the gym. Our workouts very intentionally prepare me for everything from snow sports to hiking and even yard work or moving into a new house! Putting in the work at 212 makes a notable difference in all of the activities that I love. Besides this, having a community and coaches that share the same drive and respect for health as I do is the biggest motivator. It's like having an entire gym of accountability partners. The last two years have been the most consistently I have ever worked out. After hitting at least 4-6 workouts regularly I really noticed a difference in my energy every single day. I hardly ever feel sluggish, getting up to do simple tasks is much easier, and I move much more frequently (walking a few miles each day in addition to a workout)! Besides a basic level of health, the coaches consistently check in with my goal of a more strength-based approach to training. Even in the last three months, I have been lifting heavier than ever, and it is so exciting to watch my numbers go up! I am so grateful for 212 for making my body the strongest it has ever been, and shifting my perspective on needing to "look a certain way" to being strong, confident, and truly feeling great!"

- Emma

Training with us since 2014
“I started at 212 the day the doors opened. Initially the regular workouts helped me put off knee replacement surgery for almost 10 years.

When I finally did get a new knee, the shape I was in helped insure a quick recovery. Getting back to the gym, knowing that Josiah and the team would be there to support and adapt workouts to fit my recovery, has made all the difference. As much as I would like to believe I have the self discipline to keep myself in shape, I don’t. The things I like to do outside the gym I can do because of what happens in the gym. The attention to strengthening and conditioning the whole body translates to confidence hiking, biking, rafting, skiing, etc.  212 has allowed me to continue to enjoy the outdoor escapes.  212 has been a part of my life for a long time now. It is a comfortable, positive, challenging, and rewarding place to be. Josiah and Jamie have worked hard to build a family at 212 and they work even harder to make sure the family stays strong.”

- Chris

Training with us since 2012
The most difficult part was to find a place that could accommodate my injury and at the same time make my back stronger each day.

Originally from Tapachula, Chiapas, Mexico, my parents introduced me to the world of tennis at a young age. I played competitively for many years which eventually led to a tennis scholarship at University of Florida (yes, I am a full blown Gator 😊). After college, I started my tax accounting career but due to the demands of the field I had to leave sports behind. The downward spiral started there until I realized that sports contributed to my happiness and health so I started making changes to my personal life. It all started with a 5K and ended with three years of racing half marathons, triathlons, a marathon and a half Iron Man. Due to an injury on my lower back however (I have one bulged disk and one herniated disk), I had to take a step back and start from zero. The recovery of my lower back has been a process. The most difficult part was to find a place that could accommodate my injury and at the same time make my back stronger each day. I was improving gradually and then we moved to Salt Lake City, Utah. I was concerned because I knew I needed to keep getting stronger but wasn’t sure if I would find a gym that could accommodate my needs. Luckily, my fiancée introduced me to 212!I work out at 212 because it has given me the workout consistency I have been missing since my lower back injury started. The enthusiasm of the coaches while they teach, as well as the amazing people working out with me (shout out to my 6am crew!) has made my 212 workouts a fun routine as opposed to a task. I have seen improvements on my strength and also positive changes on my body which have helped me feel better physically and mentally. I also recently started playing tennis and skiing without pain which is a big step forward to recovery. Lastly, 212 has this unique sense of community that is hard to find and I am happy to be part of it. Thank you 212 for not only being a gym but also for becoming a family who provides encouragement, support, and great workouts!

- Zerene

Training at 212 since 2020
After a year at 212, I’ve lost 30 lbs. and couldn’t be happier.

I’ve loved my time at 212. Josiah, Jamie and all the coaches make this place so special. The coaches know exactly what to say to motivate me in the workouts. They bring all their knowledge and expertise without the toxic gym culture. Beyond their expertise in fitness, the 212 coaches have created a great community for me. I’ve met some wonderful people and the class feels more like a family. Before 212, I didn’t enjoy going to the gym. After a year at 212, I’ve lost 30 lbs. and couldn’t be happier. 212 IS THE BEST!!!


I had been doing barre classes and was getting bored so I thought I would give 212 a try and I have never looked back!  

I started working out at 212 after hearing about it from a friend. I had been doing barre classes and was getting bored so I thought I would give 212 a try and I have never looked back! I love the variety of the workouts (still haven’t gotten bored 6 years later), the knowledgeable and motivating coaches, and most importantly, the community! The 212 crew is the best and have been one of the major factors in my love for 212. It’s really nice to know that I have such a great support system and I love running into 212ers at the grocery store, dog park, etc.  The most impactful changes I have seen since working out at 212 are really outside of the gym. I love to travel and do outdoor activities. Since starting 212, I can pretty much do whatever I want without worrying about training for it. In Macchu Piccu, I had no problem hiking the 5 day Salkantay trek, in Norway, the Trolltunga hike was easy-peasy, and most recently, surfing in Kauai was a blast. I love that I can do these things without getting fatigued or being really sore the next day. The functional fitness aspect of 212 allows me to do what I love without too much planning."

- Sara

Training with us since 2016