Meet our coaches


Owner | USMC Scout Sniper | Combat Veteran | Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist
Josiah has been dedicated to health and fitness his entire life. He received his degree in Biology from the University of California-Davis, and upon graduation enlisted in the US Marine Corps. As a Scout Sniper, he served on two deployments, including a combat tour in Iraq. Josiah is a NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist. He has experience training a broad spectrum of individuals whose goals include elite athletic performance, weight loss, and building strength and keeping mobility as they age. Josiah is proud to call Salt Lake City home and enjoys spending time in the amazing outdoors our state has to offer with his wife and four young boys.


Strength & Conditioning Coach | Collegiate Basketball Player + Coach | Aviation Finance Manager
Coach McKay is a Utah native and grew up in Bountiful. He played collegiate basketball at Long Beach State in California, and coached College Basketball and was a Strength & Conditoning coach at Fullerton College. He earned his BA in Finance from Long Beach State and has a Master's in Exercise Scient from Concordia University in Irvine, CA. He spends his days running the finances of Duke Aviation, a private aviation company based in SLC--- we're glad he squeezes in a few mornings and evenings per week to coach classes at 212! When he's not coaching, Coach McKay love spending time with is dog, "Doc", hanging out with his family, Golfing, Snowboarding, Coaching Basketball, Eating Good Food at restaurants and is getting into cooking more! as well as reading, fishing, finding and drinking delicious IPA's, and traveling.


Certified Functional Strength Coach + Personal Trainer | National Guard Specialist
Coach Campbell joined the 212 team in the fall of 2022 and is an awesome part of our 212 community! Coach Campbell is active in the Utah National Guard and speaks fluent French! When he's not at 212 he loves doing jiu jitsu, backpacking in Wyoming and Idaho, playing the guitar and writing music.


Strength & Conditioning Coach | Certified Personal Trainer | Certified Yoga Instructor | Sports & Exercise Enthusiast
Stephen’s journey in fitness started at 4 years old in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, when he started Tae Kwon Do so he could learn to fight like a Power ranger. After earning his black belt he and his family moved to Houston, Texas where he participated in many other sports and activities such as soccer, wrestling, swimming, track, football, and dance (including 5 years of ballet). Stephen always had a passion for movement and exercise growing up. He graduated High School in Houston, Texas then went on to serve as a missionary for 2 years in São Paulo, Brazil. When he returned, he got certified as a personal trainer and CrossFit coach and began coaching full time. He went on to manage the CrossFit gym he coached at and then took over as owner in the beginning of 2020 (a super fun time to own a gym). In 2022 Stephen decided to take his dog and move to Utah so he could get out and explore the mountains more. He focused more on his nutrition coaching and got certified as a yoga teacher. Stephen came to 212 in November of 2022 with a desire to be part of a team that could impact the community. Stephen spends most of his free time hiking with his dogs and tending to his many many house plants.


Master's in Health Science & Human Performance | Army Field Artillery Officer National Guard |
Alex is from the Twin Cities, MN, and grew up playing ice hockey. She earned her Bachelor's Degree in Exercise and Sports Science from the University of Wisconsin River Falls while enlisted in the Wisconsin National Guard, and was then commissioned as a Field Artillery Officer for the Army. She then received her Master's in Health Science and Human Performance from Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions in 2021 and has worked with a wide array of athletes-- starting with the World Class Athlete Program training Army Olympians. She enjoys working with athletes, military and law enforcement as well as individuals willing to put in the time and effort to do better and be better. Alex is currently accepting new personal training clients, so make sure to reach out if you or someone you know would be interested in working with a coach of her caliber!


Co-owner | Director of Marketing + Community | Certified Personal Trainer
Jamie was born and raised in Millcreek and is proud to bring a local community gym to her neighborhood! Jamie received her B.S. in Business and Marketing from Westminster College, and subsequently spent many years working in the hospitality industry until joining the 212 team full time during the summer of 2013. She is a Certified Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise and coordinates our social and community events, as well as other glamorous behind-the-scenes stuff. She loves squats, hates sleds and stays busy chasing around the next generation of 212ers at home.