"Dessert is OK!"

October 18, 2018

“Dessert” is ok!Say what? Did I really just say that?I just recently finished my second time doing the Whole 30, and my biggest takeaway is how hard it is to eat right when you don’t have balance in your diet. I can eat great Monday through Thursday, but after noon on Friday, I like to relax a bit on my food choices. 30 days of nothing but clean actually makes me think about food more than normal, and I actually find it easier to stay motivated when I allow myself some slack on the weekends.So how does this play into dessert? If a small amount of dark chocolate at night helps you eat clean throughout the rest of your day, do it! I’m also a huge fan of healthier dessert options like full fat plain greek yogurt with chopped fruit.Don’t major in the minors-focus on what areas of your nutrition have the biggest impact!