Energy Foods

September 13, 2017

The last week of the Summer Series is here and it’s been so awesome to see so many of you train hard over the summer to tackle some challenging events!A lot of us will be outdoors and active this upcoming holiday weekend and here’s STRONG QUESTION #3: “What are some healthy foods for hiking that will give me the energy I need?” This is a great question because the idea being pushed in the outdoor industry is that you need quick carbs to get you through your activities. Now, there’s nothing wrong with carbs, but here’s what happens when you rely on energy packets that are mostly sugar-you eat the packet, you feel better because your blood sugar spikes, but your insulin spikes rapidly to take up the sugar, and your blood sugar levels then rapidly drop, so you eat another packet and the cycle continues.A much better method is to rely on slower digesting carbs with high fiber, protein and fats that have a ton of energy to provide. These foods won’t spike your blood sugar levels nearly as much, so you won’t experience that “crash”. There is one caveat-this method works best for athletes who have spent a few weeks eating more fats and protein and less simple carbs, because their body has already adjusted a bit to using fat as fuel rather than quick carbs. And remember, carbs aren’t evil, so if your body does respond well to carbs, try these awesome energy bars with no added sugar and a good amount of fiber.