Nutrition Questions Part 2

November 20, 2017

It’s Thanksgiving week and the holidays are officially here. I’ve selected 2 nutrition questions to answer this week that you’ll definitely be interested in this time of year:“What’s with candy? One I start, I can’t stop!”Let’s start by talking about the nutrients that make you feel full-protein, fat and fiber. Candy has none of these. Candy is just sugar, so it won’t fill you up. Also, because there’s no protein, fat or fiber, your blood sugar levels spike rapidly, but then drop fast as well, leaving you with that “crashing” feeling. And what do people reach for to quickly pick them back up? Another piece of candy. A better approach is to eat candy after you’ve had a meal that contains protein, fat and fiber, and then limit candy to just one piece to savor. Or even better yet, have some fruit to satisfy that sweet tooth!“How do I survive the holiday treats? Customers and co-workers are constantly brining in sweet treats!” The first part of your approach is easy-make sure you are staying hydrated at work so you don’t confuse thirst for hunger. You should also bring your own healthy snacks to work (like nuts, seeds, fruits, jerky, etc.) so you don’t reach for the holiday treats out of hunger. This is also an excellent reason to make sure you have a solid plan for lunch each day at work as well.The second part’s a little bit tougher. Sometimes you may have to just stretch the truth a bit. Don’t eat the snack, and when someone asks you how it was, make sure you graciously thank them for bringing the treat in and thinking of you. What they don’t know won’t hurt them. You can also feel ok throwing sweets away-yes it feels horrible to be wasteful, but sugar really isn’t food, and it’s not doing you any good to eat sweets you really don’t want.If these approaches are a little too extreme for you, just eat your lunch and/or snack first, cut off and eat a sliver size portion of the snack. Remember, when it comes to your 20%, quality over quantity!