2 Steps to Doing Your Part in COVID!

August 17, 2020

2 Steps to Doing Your Part in COVID!

It seems like so much of the focus on COIVD recently is centered on masks and developing a new vaccine. Regardless of how you feel about these issues most level headed individuals can agree that COVID is out there in our communities, we’re probably all going to contract it at some point and that the healthier you are, the lower your risk of serious issues/death due to COVID. Sure, there will be instances where young, seemingly healthy people get seriously sick, but the early numbers on COVID seem to show most individuals who get seriously ill/die have other co-morbidities including obesity and Type 2 diabetes-both of which can be improved through diet and exercise!

So why is there not more of a push for us to improve our national health? Why are the lines to local fast food restaurants and ice cream shops seemingly longer than ever? I’m upset about this, but it just doesn’t pay to be upset about things we can’t control. So how do we do our part to help improve the situation?

1. Set a good example for your family and friends. Lead from the front by making fitness and good nutrition part of your everyday routine. Good habits and positive energy are contagious, and those around you will notice.

2. Speak Up! It seems like most conversations I’ve had lately with friends eventually circle back to COVID. Rather than getting sucked back into a groundhog day conversation, start a new thread focusing on what you and your friends are doing to stay as healthy as you can.

Don’t forget, our outdoor workouts “Field Day” workouts start this week on Wednesday morning and Saturday. We are also rolling out new small group training options starting the week of August 24th. Stay healthy 212!