DIY Home Gym Gear List

May 26, 2020

 Gear List

1 x 60#Bag of Sakrete*- $3.80

1 x 5 gallon bucket- $3.48

1 x 5 gallon bucket lid- $1.48

2 x 16x8x8 Cinder Block- $2.65 each

1 x 8.5’ Keeper Ratchet Tie Down- $7.98

*Sakrete contains silica which you shouldn't inhale, so wear a mask when you fill your bucket, and make sure your lid is on tight.


Why This Gear?

  • 5 gallon bucket + Sakrete- This is an easy way for you to challenge your movements-like squats and lunges- if you don’t have heavy weights at home.  
  • Cinder Blocks- This is very similar to the Sakrete and bucket. These weigh about 35-40 pounds and can take the place of dumbbells and kettlebells in many of our movements if you don’t already have them. We can also use these to step on/jump on.
  • Ratchet Tie Down- We’re going to loop this through the top of a closed door to perform many vertical and horizontal pulling exercises.
  • Bungees- We are going to wrap these around the tie down and use them for arm and shoulder work.


What if I already have a home gym? What gear do I need to have?

If you already have a home gym, odds are you won’t need to go to Home Depot and pick up this gear. Here’s what we need you to have in place of the Home Depot Gear:

  • Instead of a 5 gallon bucket with cement mix, have a barbell you can load between 50 and 100 pounds or a 50-60 pound kettlebell.
  • Instead of Cinder Blocks you will need a 30-40 pound kettlebell or dumbbell. You will also want to have some type of sturdy box to step up onto/jump onto.
  • In place of the tie down you can use gymnast rings or TRX bands.
  • In place of the bungees, have 5-15 pound dumbbells.