How Do You Respond When You Can No Longer Win?

April 28, 2020

“Your true character comesout when you can no longer win.”


I like to use sports analogies. There’s 1 minute left in afootball game, and team A is losing to team B by 20 points. Some teams in A’sposition will just shut it down and quit, or maybe they’ll start taking somecheap shots. Then there’s the alternative. Once, when Hall of Fame linebacker DickButkus was in a similar position, team B had the ball and took a knee to runout the clock. Butkus, who’s team had no chance of winning, called a time out,because he wanted one more chance to hit someone. The man loved the game and heplayed at 100%, regardless of what the outcome would be.


We’re in the final week of our Zoom Live challenge-many ofyou only have to train a few more times to get your Yeti, hat or shirt. Butwhat if you have no chance of hitting your 14 or 18 visits? I would challenge youto take the same approach as Dick Butkus. Give 100% and make as many sessionsas you can this week and give them all you’ve got. This is how we develop andhone our character, and it’s what will set you apart.  


Here's to a great week!