Ignite Remote Training

October 23, 2020

Remote Training New Member Special: 


4 Week Program for $199


- Up to 6 Days of Personalized Programing delivered to you via TrainHeroic
- One 25 minute Zoom Personal Training Session Per Week
- Up to 35% off additional Personal Training Sessions ($30 for any additional 25 minute sessions)


- Our IGNITE Strength & Conditioning program is the perfect solution if you want to train hard from the convenience of your own home or just juggling a busy schedule and can't make it in! 

-Every weekday, our coaches are here to lead you through a recorded Zoom workout  

-Workouts are posted daily for your to do on your own schedule later

-Workouts can be completed at home with minimal (less than $30) equipment (think cinder blocks & sand buckets!)

More Details: 

Ignite is our remote functional strength and conditioning program.



·        5 Days/week, 2 lower focus days, 2 upper focus days, 1 dynamic/stability strength day

·        Workouts consist of functional strength training, HIIT Conditioning and Aerobic Capacity

·        Minimal Equipment Required! Our programs use exercises you can perform with body weight and limited equipment to help you build functional strength without investing thousands of dollars in a home gym. Our coaches are experts at giving modifications so you get a great workout regardless of the equipment you have.

·        We utilize the concept of progressive overload to ensure you’re always making gains in your training.


Training Goals
212 believes in working hard, having fun and getting results in all aspects of your life. Our coaches and our programs focus on keeping you healthy by gaining functional strength and improving muscular endurance and body composition. You will build strength and improve your capacity in this program!


Here are some of the exercises we use to help you develop functional strength and anaerobic/aerobic capacity:



Pistol Squats


Hamstring Curls

Push Ups



Dead Bugs

Hollow Holds


Mountain Climbers

Scissor Runs