Make Your Choice

April 21, 2020

When faced with adversity you have 2 choices: You can spend your time and energy complaining about the situation and wishing things were different OR you can realize the reality of the hand you’ve been dealt, and spend your time and energy trying to change the things that you can control.


We are all facing a lot of adversity right now, and I have been so impressed with how we’ve responded as a gym community! Sure, training at 212 in person is optimal, but it’s not an option right now. Rather than quitting, you’ve decided to get the most out of remote training and making the decision to get better during your time at home! However, not being in a “normal”routine is starting to get old and the temptation is there to start mailing it in. Don’t lose your motivation!


Remember your “Why” and make the commitment today to thrive,rather than just survive!