RESTART Challenge Update

July 16, 2020

It’s noon on Wednesday, July 15th. That means it’s officially midday, midweek, and midmonth. Seems like the perfect time to feel unmotivated and uninspired, RIGHT?


This means you’re half way through the day, week and month. So take whatever momentum you have going, and roll it into making better habits for the rest of the day, week, month. If you’ve been rocking it, that’s awesome! Keep up the good work and keep challenging yourself to get out of your comfort zone and get even more points these last 3 days of the challenge. If you’ve been struggling, don’t throw away these last 3 days. Set yourself a goal and try to reach it. Common, it’s Wednesday afternoon and you just have to get through Saturday!

We hope this challenge has helped you in reshaping some of your post-workout and late night eating habits. Here’s an updated score (make sure to update your points in TH if you haven’t yet! All points must be submitted by midnight on Saturday, July 18th!)


Team Mornings: 558 - shoutout to Nate Buchta for leading on points!

Team Evenings: 493 shoutout to Mallory Ryan for leading on points!

Team Zoom: 436 shoutout to Mary Glauser for leading on points!

We also hope to see you carry some of these new habits through the rest of the month and year!