"Soft" Opening Regulations

May 2, 2020

Salt Lake County has opened up gyms for business, with some very stringent guidelines. We know many of you are looking forward to getting back into the gym, while many of you want to continue social distancing for a bit longer. We have come up with a training schedule that will work for both approaches. You can find the schedule here. Some of you may want more in person options-please be patient as we slowly expand our in person options throughout the month. We want to ensure we can maintain a safe and healthy environment for you. Some of you may be concerned that you won’t be able to Zoom anymore. You can see that the majority of the training will still be over Zoom, so if you have checked out gear, please continue to use it and jump in on the zoom sessions. We plan to continue Zoom throughout May and we are working on a more permanent remote option as well. PLEASE NOTE WE ARE ADDING ZOOM SESSIONS AT 6AM NEXT TUESDAY AND THURSDAY!Please know we are evaluating the schedule and training options we can provideweekly.


If you are planning on coming to 212, it’s important for youto know that the County has NOT approved group activities, including fitness classes, so we will be offering highly managed open gym training. We will have a recommended workout for you to go through, and we will be facilitating your progression through the workout so you can maintain 10 feet of distance from your fellow 212ers. We will also cap the open gym to 10 athletes. We will offer open gym training on Monday at 6am and 6pm, Tuesday at 8am, Wednesday at 6am and 6pm and Thursday at 8am. Monday’s recommended training will be the same as Tuesday’s, and Wednesday’s recommended training will be the same as Thursday’s,so we ask that you only attend 1 of each session (ie please don’t come Monday AND Tuesday).


Here are some of the guidelines we will be enforcing:

  • Exclude ill employees and customers. We will be taking the temperature of each coach at the beginning of their shift. We will also need to exclude any athlete from the gym who is showing symptoms. I have attached a flyer from the county listing COVID-19 symptoms. If you are showing symptoms, stay home. If you try and come to the gym showing symptoms, we will have to ask you to leave.
  • Wear face coverings. Coaches are required to wear these over the face and mouth, and we will be requiring our athletes to do the same. Most of the recommended training will be strength movements, and wearing a face mask will not be a major hindrance.
  • Enforce physical distancing. You must remain 10 feet apart while working out, and stations will be marked out. We will have coaches helping to facilitate this as you go through your workout.
  • Sanitize equipment between uses. We will have cleaning stations set up for you to sanitize your equipment after each use.


Please reach out to me directly if you have any questions or concerns and we look forward to seeing you next week-either on Zoom or in person!