The Goldilocks Rule

December 14, 2020

Happy Friday 212! 


Great job challenging yourselves this week. We had great numbers in classes throughout the week, I appreciate you guys coming day in and day out and crushing these workouts! 


We are two weeks into the Jump Start 21 Challenge and we have one week left. It's easy to find a reason to GET motivated, not as easy to STAY motivated. Here's a little tip from an article I was reading on motivation. Itis called the Goldilocks Rule. 


"The Goldilocks Rule states that humans experience peak motivation when working on tasks that are right on the edge of their current abilities. Not too hard. Not too easy. Just right."



This article uses the example of playing a competitive match of tennis against a toddler, and how you would become bored quickly because it is too easy. The opposite of that, imagine playing a tennis match against Roger Federer or Serena Williams. You can easily become unmotivated in this scenario because the match is too difficult and feels impossible for you to succeed. Compare that now to competing in a match against someone who you are equal to, winning the match is not guaranteed, but it is definitely possible. Science has found that tasks like these, are most likely to keep us motivated in the long run. 


If you are having a hard time staying motivated, evaluate your goal, it could be too hard to accomplish so you are feeling discouraged or it could be too easy of a goal for you and you have lost interest. Take time to invest in yourself! 


Have a great weekend everyone, see you next week!